Thursday, April 21, 2011

Timothy Allen's Human Planet Photos

Waiting for my latte this morning, I came across this image on the front cover of this month's issue of Redbull Magazine. Several google searches later and I found that the images were taken as part of a BBC documentary titled Human Planet and features the photos of Timothy Allen. Allen not to be confused with American comedian/actor of the same name, is best "known for his work with indigenous peoples and isolated communities around the world."

In 2008, the BBC commissioned Allen to shadow its film crews during the shooting of the documentary project Human Planet. This was the first time that the BBC had employed a dedicated stills photographer on a landmark series. He spent over a year and a half travelling with 4 teams, covering stories of human endeavour in over forty countries around the world. The resulting imagery was published in a best-selling BBC book, formed an exhibition and was used in the program's worldwide branding and publicity. (source). The documentary is currently being screened at 8pm on the Discovery Channel on Sunday nights (see here for listings)

His top 40 round up features a lovely picture of of PNG's most recognisable tribal groups- the huli wigmen, in this case the little boy in the picture stole the show


Visit the Human Planet website to read his article Birds of  Feather which features images from the Mount Hagen Show or see here for more images featuring Papua New Guinea.

Be sure to check out his personal site or visit the Human Planet Blog to see all the images and stories behind the images.

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