Saturday, April 23, 2011

5 Smart Steps to Getting Your Small Business Off The Ground


Disenchanted with corporate glass ceilings and inflexible work schedules that make caring for children and aging parents a nightmare, increasingly Black women are starting their own businesses.

Lisa Price started her multimillion dollar company, Carol’s Daughter, literally on her kitchen table. She made organic beauty products at home and then sold them at church flea markets. As her company matured she began selling her products on the Internet and later opened several stores. Today Carol’s Daughter products are available on Home Shopping Network (HSN). Women entrepreneurs can create their own successful businesses by following these five steps:

1) Determine how you will fund your business:

It takes most businesses at least 2 years to make a profit. This means that you’ll need to invest money in your business before you generate any income from it. Remember, while you’re building your business, you’ll still need to pay your usual expenses. (Continue reading here)

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