Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update on NZ to PNG txting

Let me clarify things. I'm referring to Vodafone NZ (note the "NZ to PNG txting" in the post title)

Digicel have gotten their wires crossed.
Let me use bullet points to avoid confusion:
- Telecom (NZ) customers can txt Digicel numbers
-Digicel customers cannot txt Telecom numbers
-Digicel customers can txt Vodafone numbers
-Vodafone customers cannot txt Digicel numbers

I guess their main priority is to get interconnectivity between their customers and BMobile and even that hasn't gone to plan.


  1. When you say vodafone cannot text digicel customers are you referrin to vodafone nz cos vodafone aus (which i am on) can...

    something for thought or something that needs to be clarified?

  2. Thanks for the update girls!!!